SAC - Strategic Analysis and Consulting


Strategic Analysis and Consulting (SAC) is the process of discovering every aspect of the vision, analyzing it, preparing the framework within which the project may be developed, and determining the feasibility of the current budget. This service ensures that Jonkers Design shares the same vision through and through.


SAC is the first step of any and all projects undertaken. It is required for us to create a Scope of Work Outline, Creative Proposal, Timeline, and Budget Estimates. A detailed plan flushes out potential challenges, ensures the development goes smoothly and that the desired vision will be achieved. As a project needs change, SAC is used when additional requests are made or additional conflicts arise during the production and development processes. SAC ensures that the workflow remains efficient.


SAC can also be a stand-alone service to help your company's staff breathe new life into a lingering project by providing a fresh perspective or new support. Many times, this different approach leads to innovative discoveries for a design, marketing strategy, or technical application.

Our planning, strategy, and analysis services ensure that each project stays within scope and budget whether your in-house team, Jonkers Design, or 3rd party vendors develop your project. Contact Us to discuss how we can assist you!