Your Corporate representation as expressed through your logo, website, social media, and printed materials formulates an identity to your current and potential customers.

Visual identity is the essence of your organization

5 Step Branding Process

1 Development Consulting

Your corporate identity is your presentation to the world. When creating your logo or trademark, we first learn the basis of who you are, the messages you would like to share, and your driving motivations. In-depth conversations revealing goals and milestones help us clarify and get a deeper understanding of your vision. Before any creative ideas are presented, a look at your existing identity and the potential impact of a change will be analyzed.

2 Strategy Recommendations

Insights from consultations and research will frame a proposed creative and strategic recommendation. When the proposal plan is set and the bid accepted, the design work will begin.

3 Creative Concepts

All goals combined with strategic research and analyses are translated into marketing plans and creative assets. The design team conceives innovative and effective ways to achieve your objectives. Most brainstorming insights begin as sketches but quickly evolve into polished concepts. Once a direction has been decided upon, the production process includes rounds of team reviews, edits, and collaborative client alterations.

4 Designs and Review

Creative concepts are refined into optimized proofs through various approvals. Deliverables include acquiring photography license agreements, digital source files, fonts, and any other materials necessary to launch the final product.

5 Production and Next Steps

Upon delivery of contracted work, a final review will assess and determine if any additional services are in need of use. Optional services, including a design refresh to all other visual assets will be made available.